IFCEA support your company in their import-export plans

modern container terminal at dusk ,the busy logistics background

The French Institute of Europe Asia trade, offers services allowing you to import and export

 Our 15 years of experience have allowed us to set up a very operational organization in Asia that your company can rely on to outsource its purchases and import processes up to your company.

IFCEA helps today and since 2006 many companies to reduce their costs by sourcing the best suppliers and the best prices.

We manage complete manufacturing process and provide strict quality inspection .

Our structure in France remains small and allows us to reduce our costs as much as possible in order to offer you the most competitive prices.

With a old Chinese network, IFCEA helps you to start business with the huge Chinese market and take action to get business and develop you company in China.

Our long experience in International trade and our network in China makes us an efficient partner for your company.